Caster's Blog: A Geek Love Story

Reviews for Caster's Blog: A Geek Love Story

Marcus Alexander Hart uses his keen sense of geekery and pop culture that we so adored at to good effect in Caster's Blog.

Hart manages to juggle the competing demand of a clear consistent narrative with the seemingly random and trivial nature of typical blog entries to craft a believable, surprising and compelling story while at the same time maintaining the appearance of an unscripted Internet diary. He also had to contend with the uncontrolled input of his readers, in effect, collaborating with the whole of the Internet community.

All in all a tall order.

Hart demonstrates his skill as a writer, and his knowledge of classic English literature, Japanese haiku, and '80s sitcoms in this very entertaining volume.

— Michael Gallant

In an age where nothing is real, one thing is: a blog. Envision a blog that could draw an audience so vast, it makes Oprah's Book Club seem like a grade school reading group. Imagine updating a blog page every five minutes while you're at work to get the next part of the story. Picture telling all of your friends and every cashier who breaks your Hamiltons about what's new in that journal.

This is Caster's Blog.

For one year it captured the hearts and minds of its audience and grew a faithful reader base. A whirlwind story of romance, revenge, deception, ups and downs became so unbelievable that it just had to be true. This book captures the best elements of what makes a good story so great.

Looking back over the story, at some points it may seem too incredible to be believable. This is in part because the book edits a substantial amount of unimportant posts and comments from the real journal. It was largely because of those same details that the audience was so hooked into the underlying story. At the same time though, the reader wants to believe the story. We cheer him on in the good times and come together to lift him in the bad times.

You might think you read all of the great blogs, but have you read an interesting one?

— Wayne Elgin

Hart proves again that he can weave a story as well as the best and shows us exactly why he is a rising star in his medium. Caster's Blog is about as tightly-woven and engaging as they come, showcasing Hart's distinct Kevin-Smithian knowledge of American pop culture and razor-sharp comedic wit. The author's attention to detail is so precise, you'll swear this is the real thing. Caster's draws you in and keeps you turning pages well past your bedtime.

— Timb the Ubiquitous

There is no review that can possibly come close to summing up the level of awesome contained in Caster's Blog. Marcus Alexander Hart has managed to convey a story that is so unbelievable, that it has to be real (and oddly enough, that is exactly how this book came to be).

The posts capture your attention, and leave you in dire need to read the next update. What is Ray going to do about Shadoe? Where is Turbo Dan going to show up next? How bad can HR poetry get? These questions sometimes will take months to answer, but the payoff is always well worth it.

The commentaries from Caster's friends give the book a realistic touch that many of us can relate to. So many times a writer will go to any length to make an unrealistic situation pan out, but in this case, Caster's life is guided by the concerns of his friends. They aren't always right, but who is?

In the end, Caster's Blog is a brilliant exercise in Internet based writing. Comedy, pop culture, and real-life drama mix flawlessly to create one of the most interesting stories of 2006. Pick this book up today, and get ready for a good time.

— Grant Rydell
 Onion Armada

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